Welcome to Rise and Roar Fitness!

I’m so glad you found me.

My name is Nora and I am a bat shit crazy personal trainer.

My love of fitness started after I became a mom.  I needed time for myself.  I needed to blow off steam.  I needed to make friends.  I needed to be healthy and strong, as I continued to go on and create six beautiful children.

I headed to the gym almost every morning.  They had childcare, so that was bonus.  If I timed it right, the baby or babies would be so whooped up from childcare that they’d also nap when they came home (extra added bonus).

It was heaven.

I worked out two hours a day, first taking classes with my friends and meeting new friends.  We were all the skinny, fit new moms and we went on play date day trips and went out on dates with the husbands.  It was pretty carefree.

And then …the kids got bigger.  And PTA meetings or football practices got a little more heated as all of us “grew up together” and formed our own family value systems.  Some people were more apt to get in your face about their kid not playing or not being invited to parties, some just laid back and said nothing.

But we all just got BUSY.  Classes at the gym still happened, but weren’t the same.  I started eating on the run, missing spin class or cardio sculpt here and there.  And when I showed up, I was full guns in- but I wasn’t getting ripped or losing weight anymore.  I was just staying the same and feeling more tired.  And sometimes, I’d do something wrong and be sore for days or pull a muscle.

Hence, my introduction to personal training.  I started researching for myself how I could learn to workout by myself. I know, I liked making friends and all that, but now as I aged, something was different.  I needed quiet time.  Like really quiet time.  And I needed to blow off much more steam as the kids got bigger.  I ran on some days, and really started diving into lifting as heavy as I could some days.

There was a lot of research pointing me in the direction of lifting heavy for my goals, which were:  appearing leaner, eating healthier and being stronger.

As I started studying for my personal training exam- and later, my corrective exercise exam- I started to talk to other people about what their goals were.  It’s easy to get caught up so much in your own goals that you forget how to listen and really try and understand where others are coming from.

Some girls don’t want to look muscular or have “big” arms and some guys just want to carve out these little teeny weeny cuts in their already massive frames.  Some clients of mine are interested in coming off of their blood pressure medication and losing their diabetic status.

I say I’m a bat shit personal trainer because I truly am interested in helping people. Each person.  I’m bat shit passionate about reading as much as I can about the newest health, nutrition and exercise crazes… and how I can implement or not implement them based on your OWN UNIQUE GOALS.  I love figuring out what makes you “tick”,  what you love about life.

I love giving you a new way to really enjoy every morsel of your day, eliminating emotional, spiritual and physical stress as much as we can.

Our first consultation will really be a get to know you interview.  It’s completely free.  Let’s see if we even hit it off.  If you can talk to me and commit to a plan.  From there, I write up a twelve week exercise and nutrition  program that is based on how many days YOU want to work out,  what your goals are, what your current nutrition looks like (based on your week food diary- which is highly recommended that you have before our consultation), how much sleep you get, what stresses you have, what your hobbies are, blah blah blah.

Over the past four years, I have helped many women and men attain their fitness goals, while reducing their stress levels.  The results?  Younger looking skin, weight loss, increased flexibility and balance, stronger muscles and diminishing co-morbidities (heart problems, thyroid irregularities, diabetes, auto-immune disorders).  We have cut through tremendous areas of bullshit (fad diets, powders, shakes, exercise fads).

What still continues to amaze me is how everyone is so different.  Your formula is not your husband’s, your best friend’s, your kid’s.  But the right formula won’t require that you step out of your comfort zone.  It just requires you to “tweak” it.

Let me help you develop your own personal plan today.  Start progressing and loving your results.