Shut up and Lift

I recently read an article about the power of positive thinking- and the damage that negative thinking can do. Too often, we are caught up in the doldrums of winter or the stresses of balancing all that our plate has learned to hold- family, jobs, activities, events…

It is so important that we take time at the beginning of the day to visualize what we would love to happen- what would make us happier- and then go out and MAKE IT HAPPEN. Likewise, it’s even more important to take note what happened that made us stop and smile during the day.

The more we make this a practice, the more our brain becomes fixated on success and gratitude.

From a personal perspective, this became difficult for me lately. I was really distracted by the current events of the election and the subsequent hate-filled, negative posts on Facebook an Instagram. I also became the administrator for a US-launched battle against Samsung for their exploding washing machines. (long story)

I realized how important it is for us to stay on task. I woke up (and still do) at 4 a.m. to get my lifts in. I blast my music on loud and drown out the world. I shift clients around to be able to get MY TIME in to refocus and push forward. Rather than melt under the impending heat of what is happening all around me, I just shut up and I lift.

And as the weight of the world got heavier, so did my iron.

Morning lifts are where we visualize our day. Each pump becomes a motivator for us to knock the shit out of the day moving forward. We come home and are more easily focused. We force ourselves to stay in the moment- whether its rep to rep, set to set or hour to hour.

We practice peace.

We must also eschew negative thoughts and people from our lives. We can no longer find our value in the ability to hold a lengthy debate or the ability to reveal some smart-ass, passive wit. We must use my bodies to take action. we must write letters, engage in intimate conversations and discuss differences of opinion.

We must act when we can make a difference. We cannot just move to make waves.

It’s important to still hold respect and try and understand those who won’t act or believe as we do. We don’t have to understand or include them as part of our inner circle, but we cannot exist in ACTIVE opposition to them. Remember that it takes all types to co-exist. T Our mere beliefs are formed in opposition or contradiction to what we were taught…or sometimes, they perfectly align. Human expression is a culmination of all of this. And it’s a gift for ALL.

The absence of conviction is ignorance. But, the absence of compassion is violence.

The absence of action is stagnance and that can have profound effects on us physically, emotionally and spiritually.

We must choose to process our own convictions through action- whether it’s lifting, running, playing on the swings with our kids. This active process will reveal to us whether our conviction is worth a share or not. It will force us to take a minute and think how our words may sound to someone who isn’t as fortunate as us. It may even make us realize that our “convictions” aren’t really convictions- but rather, things that we tell ourselves to feel better and more important than someone else.

Action is the “break” that takes our brain out of robot mode and into feeling mode.

So, like the title says- shut up and lift.

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