What the?

So, it’s no secret that I love to eat healthy and I equally love working out.  But I have days where I screw up and am PMS-ing all over the place and ready to sell any of my kids for a piece of chocolate.

so what.

It makes me laugh and equal parts cringe when I hear of people stressing over food and exercise.  They’re all “I hate working out.  I hate eating healthy. The food tastes like crap.” So, instead of tweaking what they love to eat and going out and doing what they love to do- whether that be walking, kayaking, ziplining, amusement park touring- They sign up for restrictive food plans and training programs at gyms. 

And then they bitch about the entire process.

Talk about cortisol levels.  Talk about weight gain.  Talk about just being miserable.

There is something to be said for letting your body do what your body needs to do.  If you want a piece of candy, eat a freaking piece of candy.  If you want salad, eat salad.

So many of us have restricted our bodies from doing anything they like for so long because we believe that being healthy is a punishment.  That we should be exhausted, hungry, competing, skinny, whatever.

I almost had a heart attack yesterday when a former client called to tell me she had gained back twice her weight after being on a starvation diet for three months.  Yeah, she had followed it and lost twice the weight she wanted to when we first met.  BUT she lost the weight in two months.  Her posture is poorer.  Her strength is non-existent.  Why?

Because numbers on the scale have so little to do with who WE ARE.

Being strong and feeling strong lead to confidence.  Yes, confidence.  Which lowers our stress levels.  If I looked at my scale in the morning, upset because I’m not some 110 pound high school student, I’d beat myself up all day long.  But I love that I push almost 125 pounds on the scale, and people still guesstimate that I weigh 90 pounds.  They think I eat nothing!  The truth is, I tweak my life and enjoy my food and eat for energy to fuel my days whether they’re spent at the zoo with my kids or ziplining with my mom in Mexico or working out in a gym.

I feel strong.  I walk tall.  I don’t let stupid little crap bother me.  Because it’s just stupid little crap.

When you follow someone else’s plan for your life and do things you hate because someone tells you it will make you healthier, HOW IS THAT SUPPOSED TO WORK?

You feel like you don’t measure up, you bully yourself and then can’t understand why you feel so picked on or miserable or depressed.

Make your decision.  Draw the picture of the life you want today.  You have to educate yourself on how your body works, but YOU ARE THE PILOT.  Track your food, and realize in the end that ideally, it is moderation that counts. 

Be the moderator of your life.  Here are some tips that work for me:

  1. Rid your life of toxins– By that, I mean:  toxic foods, toxic cleaning products and toxic environments.  It can’t be done all at once, but start to tweak little things out.  Like soda?  Can it.  Switch to water.  Trade boxed cereal in the morning for organic oats with fruit.  Use white vinegar and water in spray bottles.  Start to weed out toxic people.  Don’t waste time explaining yourself, just point yourself in a more positive direction and stay the course.
  2. Take a mental health day every once in a while.  There’s nothing wrong with scheduling a day just for you.  Meet a friend for lunch or schedule a spa day.  Drive up to the mountains for a hike.
  3. Dedicate five minutes in the morning and another five before you go to bed to wind down.  I swear, I know how impossible this seems.  I have six kids who are always in my face about something.  So, I wake up a tad earlier than anyone else and have my coffee.  I either make my lists of what I need to do, or I think of how I want to spend my day and where I can get in my workouts.  I don’t include anything here that has to do with work.  That starts AFTER my “me list” and my “me time”.
  4. Prep on Sunday.   You’ll need twenty minutes to make a menu for the week, devise your grocery list and fill in your calendar.  I sit down with the calendar first and note any games, meetings, clients, home appointments (repair guys) and make sure that my husband is in on this.  Calendar comes first because I never know how many people will be at the dinner table.  Once that’s filled in, I devise the menu and grocery list simultaneously.  I also let the kids order lunches on Mondays from school, so that I can grocery shop Monday if need be… And I don’t stress over it.
  5. Make a grateful list.  I don’t do this every day.  I think it becomes old hat and we forget why we even started it.  Gratefulness isn’t a chore, it’s a blessing.  I count my blessings once or twice a week on paper.  But I look for miracles every day. 
  6. Sweat the small stuff.  I know, I know… People say don’t sweat the small stuff.  Ok, so maybe don’t sweat it…but treasure those small moments of licking the batter bowls with your kids and laughing ridiculously with your friends.  Sit in a sunny window and soak in the warmth for even twenty seconds.  It makes a huge difference.
  7. Smile at strangers.  It’s true.  It’s contagious and you never get stuck with RBF. (resting bitch face).  It lightens your overall day, I swear…and saves resting bitch face for those who truly deserve it.  haha.


Life maybe isn’t easy some days, but we have to get practiced in the exercise of living each day with ease.  A strong foundation allows us to adjust our sails when the storm winds come in.

Have a blessed day!






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