Oh boy…

Anytime you choose to speak out about WHAT you believe, you’ve gotta be prepared to defend yourself.  It’s sad, but true.

I don’t pontificate or pretend to know more than anyone next to me.  But I do promise that I am curious enough to research whoever comes at me with contradicting philosophies.

So, imagine that when I posted the information about macronutrients, I ignited a firestorm by suggesting what my macronutrient profile looks like.  The proponents of the keto diet (high fat, low carb, low protein) busted out to say that wasn’t how THEY saw results.


I never said that the keto diet isn’t a great one.  Hell, I won’t tell you that the Atkins diet is a bad diet or that Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig is a bad diet.

Because….and read this carefully again…. Every body is different.

I follow a high protein and low fat diet because a) its what I like to eat and b) it seems to have produced the results I want so far.

I have tried the keto diet, but I don’t love the food and I didn’t find that it gave me energy.  That doesn’t mean I don’t push it for my clients who eat differently than me.

A keto diet works because someone eats high enough fat to produce ketones all day long and keep their body burning body fat.  It uses their fat for fuel.  A person who follows a diet like mine still relies on glucose (or sugar) as their main source of fuel– hence, carb loading for action-packed days and protein to sustain energy all day long…

A switch over between these two lifestyles can work for some people and is extremely beneficial to those who currently do sugar AND fat and gain weight.  When they really lower their carb levels to the recommended 5-10% a day on the keto diet, the fat they consume is used as fuel.

But let’s discuss the similarities.

A lot of clients make the mistake of “grazing” all day long.  Whether you are eating healthy or not, you’re not allowing your body to “get” hungry- and as a result, you may be raising your body’s production of cortisol.  Whether you’re keto or following some other diet, you still have to pay attention to the way a basic body functions:  get enough sleep, fast between meals and stay somewhat active.

This is why I say that your workout regimen and nutrition should not be separate or isolated from each other.  And likewise, you should be conscious of how much sleep you got last night when approaching the new day.  It sounds so obvious, right?- but it’s not to most.

As we get older, we become creatures of habit and force ourselves into these cookie cutter routines:  I have to work out.  I have to eat more healthy fats.  I have to not drink.  I have to sleep.  And the list goes on.

A good trainer is one who teaches you how to listen to your body, how to figure out what it needs, and how to combine everything you love to enjoy a healthy and full life.  Period.  They should not be instructing you to do what they do,  but they should be instructing you to FIND the best program that works for you.  They should be well-researched on any illnesses or injuries that you have.  They should collect a food journal.  They should be asking what your day looks like, where you want to be in a year, how you want to look, what your biggest fears and accomplishments are… They should be your life coach and someone that you can trust.  They should not be hammering you into a life that doesn’t feel normal- unless your normal life involves 24 hours of TV and candy bars and you’re completely clueless.

They should be asking you about your regular bloodwork, how you feel upon waking up, and how you feel compared to one year ago… and asking what YOUR direction for the future is.

You should be directing your training and receiving well-researched information based on your concerns.  You should be able to tell your fitness professional when something isn’t working or when you don’t think your results are up to par.



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