Nutrition…Umm… Yeah


The greatest concern most of my clients come to me with is weight gain.  When I ask them what their goals are, most will say “I just want to drop a few pounds, tone up.”  They’re under the impression that they can outrun or outlift a bad diet or bad choices.

But it always catches up with you.

Look, I read on the internet too.  I get the whole “bro science” thing.  If it fits into your macros, it fits into your calories- at the end of the day, it’s calories in and calories out.   If you’re eating a sleeve of Oreos and then burning it off in the gym, who cares, right?


The bottom line is that crappy nutrition and poor food choices have a lot of calories.  An Oreo, for example, has 161 calories and 6.6 grams of fat.  And who eats just one?  Nacho- flavored Doritos have 140 calories and 8 grams of fat per ounce.

When we make an unhealthy choice, how often are we tracking the food and measuring out?  Do you even know how LONG it would take you to run that out or lift that out at the gym?

If picking healthy food is the first “crime”, then the way we eat as Americans is a close second.

How often do we sit around the table, enjoying a meal with our families, friends or significant others?

How many of us are jamming in food at our desks, in the car on the way to get the kids, at night when we finally have a minute to ourselves?

How often can you even list the food items you ate in a day without forgetting the handful of M&Ms you grabbed before going into the meeting?

The tablespoons of creamer you put into your coffee to just keep going?

So, our problem here isn’t that we are really making poor food choices.

It’s that we don’t make choices at all. 

We run from here to there.  We jump out of bed in the morning with a mission and a list and turbo jets behind us.  We add the gym into our list of things to do, because we think that’s what we should do. …That’s how we’re gonna finally get it together.

But add in all of this “to do” and “to go” and on the go food choices and you’ve got one big FAT mess. 

Your body is smarter than you.  It knows real fuel and it knows fake fuel.  It does not know the difference between good stress and bad stress… and unfortunately, if you’ve tipped the scale in the favor of bad stress by taking on more you can handle and putting crap in your mouth, your body sees everything you’re doing as a stressor.  Your belly fat increases. Your sleep cycle is disturbed.

You are now chasing your ass around a gerbil wheel.

And while this might have worked for you in your teens, your twenties…some of you even into your thirties- your body got older and smarter.  It also got tired.

I’d be one training moron if I said that exercise was bad for you…or if that’s the fact you take away from this blog post.  Exercise is awesome for you, obviously….WHEN you are properly fueled and practicing good form.  Most of us are just too damn busy to slow down and give ourselves the benefit of a good meal and good company.

Most of us think the answer  is to kick the crap out of ourselves in a gym and then pray for a miracle.

So, how’s that working for you?

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