I am my OWN role model


Who are you today?

Who were you yesterday?  Last year?  Five years ago?

I have always written in journals- sometimes daily, sometimes monthly… and when I got too busy for “life”, it stopped altogether.  I forgot the importance of jotting down the “where am I?” thoughts for fear maybe they wouldn’t be good enough.  I started waiting until I had “arrived” to celebrate my life in writing.  But, do we ever actually arrive?

Think about it.  How do you know that you’ve arrived if you forget where you came from?

I know, I know.  Most of us know where we came from and if you sit here long enough, you will think of challenges that you overcame and write them down.

But what about those little things?

As a personal trainer, I tell clients that the most important thing is to take before pictures.  No matter how horrible you may feel, how challenged, how embarrassed.  You need to take them.  I’d also like you to write down what you see as your biggest challenges.  Is it diet?  Is it time?  Is it just a funk?

I challenge my clients to take progress pictures every six weeks.  I can tell you AND they can tell you that the progress is often unreal.

I remember walking into the locker room with one client in particular, who had been so down on herself.  The whole time, she was dragging her feet telling me how much weight she had gained.  We took measurements, progress pics and then compared them.  She was down about a half of an inch EVERYWHERE.  We jumped up and down in the locker room for about three minutes like two giddy teenagers.  She found a new enthusiasm to her weight loss journey.

I was so happy I encouraged most of my clients who had been reluctant to take pictures to finally do so.  And you know what?  They had the same results, more or less.  And the ones who had fallen off the program had to look at the derailment and either face the fact that they weren’t ready, or ….they had to start anew.

We are so busy nowadays that if we start a program to “help” us and just add it to the list of things to do, it just becomes another thing to do.

I work all day.

I cook.  I clean.  I drive.  I do laundry.

I have to work out.

Buzzer sounds.  Exhaustion kicks in.  What will come off of the list?

But what if you gave yourself the freedom to see this journey as a way to find yourself?  To just be yourself?  To find out who YOU are?

Write down who you were, who you are and what you want to be.  Take before pictures.  Take during pictures.  Take after pictures.  Make the journey about the inside matching the outside.  Become aware.

We might not ever be the cover of Sports Illustrated or the airbrushed model in Muscle and Fitness.  But who will we be?

Well, the beauty of THAT question is that it lies in us.  You get to decide today who you will be.

You get to be your own role model. 


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